Saturday, January 22, 2011

60 Days of Beauty: Day 53 - God is Here

My wife took someone close to us on a visit to Bethel College.  It was one of those points where Janelle was obeying God.  A few Sundays ago while sitting in Church, she just sensed that still small voice saying she needed to contact this individual and see if she had ever considered going to Bethel.  Fast forward to today, and she should be applied to Bethel by sundown.

Here was the kicker for me.  On the way home, this gal looked at Janelle and said, "The minute I stepped out of the car and onto the campus, I felt God's presence."

Wow.  That's quite a statement.  The crazy thing is that I've heard this comment multiple times of people who came, some willingly and some not-so-willingly, on a Bethel College visit.  I've heard it too many times to simply see it as a coincidental thing.

Now, I don't believe that God is present at Bethel College and not other places.  I do believe , though, that there is something special about his presence and move at this school.  I didn't "feel" it when I visited, but I felt it once there my Freshman year.  I especially felt it on Saturday night, September 16, 1995, the first time I knew that I knew God was real.

Yesterday served as a reminder of a fantastic school where the beautiful presence of God rests in a very unique way.

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Tiff said...

That is Awesome! Praise God! :)