Tuesday, January 04, 2011

NFL Predictions: How'd I do?

My predictions for the 2010 season on August 29, 2010:

Bold are Division Champs.
Italics are Wildcard Teams

New York Jets 11-5
New England Patriots 11 -5
Buffalo Bills 8-8
Miami Dolphins 7-9

How'd I do?  
Got the right teams in the playoffs.  Got the right record for the Jets and Dolphins.

Baltimore Ravens 12-4
Cincinnati Bengals 10-6
Pittsburgh Steelers 9-7
Cleveland Browns 4-12

How'd I do?  Right record on Baltimore and that they're in the playoffs, but they're a wildcard.  Close to actual record for Browns (ended 5-11).   Way off on Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.

Indianapolis Colts 13-3
Houston Texans 10-6
Tennessee Titans 8-8
Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11
How'd I do?  Right on Colts winning the Division, but pretty much wrong on everything else.

San Diego Chargers 10-6
Kansas City Chiefs 8-8
Denver Broncos 7-9
Oakland Raiders 7-9
How'd I do? Not so good on this one. Give me a little credit for giving putting the Chiefs up there.

New York Giants 11-5
Dallas Cowboys 10-6
Washington Redskins 8-8
Philadelphia Eagles 6-10
How'd I do?  Waaaaaaaay Off!

Green Bay 13-3
Chicago Bears 9-7
Minnesota Vikings 8-8
Detroit Lions 7-9
How'd I do?  Pack made the playoffs, but Wildcard. Bears did much better. Minnesota did much worse.  Lions were pretty close.


New Orleans Saints 13-3
Atlanta Falcons 11-5
Carolina Panthers 8-8
Tampa Bay Bucs 2-14
How'd I do? Got the right teams in the playoffs here, but teams records are flip-flopped.  Way wrong on Tampa Bay and Carolina.

San Francisco 49ers 12-4
Seattle Seahawks 9-7
Arizona Cardinals 8-8
St Louis Rams 5-11
How'd I do?  Really bad.  Waaaay off.

My Superbowl Matchup: Indianapolis Colts v. Green Bay Packers

Champs: Indianapolis Colts

How'd I do?  Well I guess there's still a chance, but it's pretty unlikely.

Coming later this week, my new playoff predictions.

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blckspdr said...

im holdin out for a colts vs packers superbowl as well! Im glad im not the only one!