Tuesday, February 08, 2011

2 years ago Today... A Repost

Remembering today.  Two years ago this date, I received the toughest and most painful news I've ever received.  It was at the end of the darkest 48 hour valley of my life.  Today, I remember an amazing Father and person.  Today, I hurt for a loss on this side of eternity.  Today, I rejoice that it hurt so much to lose a Dad, because he had done so little to hurt me while alive.

Posted February 8, 2009...

Prayer Answered

We've been praying for a miracle. I've (and I know many others) have been asking that miracle be one thing. I've been understanding the miracle could be a different thing.

My father has been pronounced brain dead. As we have spent time with him. He is gone from this earth. As I spent some time with him one on one last night, I sensed this was the case. At the same time, the circumstances left us in a place to continue to "watch and pray".

The miracle came in the form of my dad being reunited with his mom and dad, and more than likely taking on Jesus in a free throw contest (I think Jesus could give him a run for his money).

The other miracle will come over the next couple days as he is being prepared to give the organs he no longer needs in order to give life to those who need them.

We have said goodbye.
Although we are convinced his spirit man is gone, the body (except the brain) continues to function in order to donate his organs.
In the next week, we will continue to be able to say goodbye in multiple formats.

It just stinks in the here and now.
It's freakin' awesome from an eternal perspective.

How do I sum up my dad?

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control."
Dad, you batted a thousand.

**I hate communicating this over a blog... it's less than an ideal way to communicate, yet I share this so those who care can hurt and rejoice with us...

Late last night we received word that due to my dad's prostate cancer 7 years ago, all his organs except his eyes (corneas) were not qualified for donation. Our "donation rep" fought hard to the contrary.
As I spent some time saying goodbye to dad yesterday, one of my prayers was that I might be able to see the world the way my dad saw it... as I'm fairly certain that he is the only one to view it the way he did. Well, at least until now. Not only may God grant me that vision, dad's eyes will hopefully be granting that vision to someone else.

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Rob said...

I have no words and can't imagine how hard this still is for you, even though you know he's in heaven. Praying for you....