Wednesday, February 02, 2011

25 Random Things

Saw Kristy and Alyssa did this, and it seemed like a decent activity to do while enjoying this snowed-in day of low action.
  1. Katylynn's current favorite song: "The Earth is Yours" by Gungor.
  2. One of my current favorite activities is coming home from the church and dancing with Katylynn to "The Earth is Yours" by Gungor.
  3. Since I put a world map up in my office, I feel like my prayer life has been enhanced.
  4. I am fairly addicted to Potato Chips and French Onion Dip.
  5. I eat Macaroni and Cheese for a meal at least once a week.
  6. We just rearranged our bedroom for the 3rd time since we've been in this house.
  7. Our dog has really bad cataracts and we think he's going deaf.
  8. I'm currently watching Beauty and the Beast.  It's the first time I've watched the movie in it's entirety.
  9. Former NMC student and current friend Adam just got married to my new friend Emily.  Emily just landed the lead role of Belle in the Beauty and the Beast tour.  Way to go Emily!
  10. I enjoy shoveling snow almost as much as I enjoy Junior High Girls basketball games.
  11. Since starting at NMC, I don't think there's been a full Wednesday where the office was closed and our evening services were canceled. 
  12. Watching Dallas frantically try to address 1" of snow in preparation for the Super Bowl is quite humorous.
  13. If and episode of the Office or Seinfeld is on TV, I could probably find it entertaining no matter how recently I previously saw it.
  14. I've made the switch to a smart phone.  In the end, the switch is saving us $$.  If it wouldn't be helping our budget, I don't think I could justify needing it.
  15. I really don't like the NBA.  I'm not a big fan of College Basketball's regular season.  I enjoy watching baseball and playing softball.  I love the NFL.  If you were to ask me to rank my favorite sports, I'd take 1. Basketball  2. Baseball 3. Football. 
  16. I think the Steelers will win the Super Bowl by a touchdown.
  17. I can do a pretty decent "Kevin" from the Office.
  18. I showered at 2 p.m. today.
  19. My wardrobe is probably 70% what has been given to me.  Don't include my underwear, and it's more like 85%.
  20. On my bucket list, going to every continent, including Anarctica.  I only have Australia and Antarctica left.
  21. Also on my bucket list, get a book published.
  22. Janelle and often talk about "retiring" in Orlando and working part time at Walt Disney World in some role where we can be a blessing to families who are harried and trying to make the most of their vacation.
  23. I probably drink 6-8 cans of diet pop per day. 
  24. I probably drink 0 cups of coffee per day.
  25. Okay, this wasn't quite as fun as I thought it would be.

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