Friday, March 11, 2011

Coming to the Blog: Got Nothin'. You Decide.

I rarely experience writer's block.  I am clearly there when it comes to this blog.  I thought 60 Days of  Beauty would bump me out of it, but I'm still there.  I sit down to update, and I have nothing rising to the top that I feel compelled to write.

So, here's what I'm thinking.  You tell me what I should blog about.  You can do this one of three ways.
  • Ask a question:  Ask me some question where you would like to see a response.  I'll then post based of this question.  (Leave a comment and  start it with the word QUESTION)
  • Give me a title:  You make up a blog post title and I'll make a post based on that title.  Go as random, odd or specific as you like.  (Leave a comment and start it with TITLE)
  • Give me a series:  You come up with a series of posts you think I should blog about.  Again, go as creative as you'd like. (Leave a comment and start it with SERIES)

2 thoughts:
  1. I have no idea how much response I'll get here, so I can't guarantee every comment will receive a post, but I'll try.
  2. I will be less likely to select "anonymous" comments, so be sure to leave your name.  Either log in, or put your name at the end of your comment if you don't know how to log in.
Fire away!


Small Town Girl said...

TITLE: My Most Awesome Cousin

Rules: Said cousin must attend NMC's Connection & must have a last name that begins with the letter "F" (sorry Jenna). So that gives you six people. Take your pick.

Just kidding. I've got nothing for ya. Sorry.

Chad A. Loucks said...

I've decided to give you all three which revolve around a singular theme. The theme being: The Afterlife

How does one's view of the afterlife effect the way that they live this life?

The Problem in Heaven

Heaven and Gehenna

Why this subject? I'm often surprised and troubled by the number of people I encounter who are banking their soul on heaven, but know nothing about it. It's like taking all of the money you have earned and will ever earn in life and putting it into a single stock without doing any research on it. I also believe that if we study "the next stage" it will dramatically change the way we live in "this stage".

Rob said...

I don't know if this is a series, title or question...but would love to get your thoughts on how you make God personal not only with your students, but with your kids. It's easy to say you believe in what you believe in by what you hear in church and youth...but what are relevant and useful ways to make God personal to young people to encourage that close relationship with Him? As a youth worker, it's always intrigued and interested a dad, it's a essential part of parenting my kids. Do with it what you will, my friend...

Also, I could use a post on some fantasy sleepers and rookies you like, preferably before the 25th...not that I have a draft, then.

BuzzF117 said...

Ok I have given this some thought maybe it will provoke something

Your team is hiring a new coach the ONLY two choices are Bill Belichick or Rex Ryan your thoughts...

Old Wrigley Field or a new ballpark....only MLB game I have ever been to was at Wrigley Pirates vs Cubs fist baseline 20 rows up during the era of the killer B's great time

advancing technology and keeping teens focused i.e. ipods and smart phones

Karli Anne said...


Favorite metaphors of the soul or spiritual metaphors. These can come in any way, shape or form. Movies, fiction novels, C.S. Lewis quotes. It may help you understand why you believe what you believe. Just a thought.

Phil Strahm said...

Here's mine. We've been really looking at the "dropout rate" of young adults in church and one of the realizations is that many unchurched youth end up considering "youth group" being their church and then when they are 18 and graduate they aren't comfortable or fully understand "big church."

What are you doing at NMC to combat this?

Beyond talking about it with our youth we've recently done some programming changes to try to deal with it...just want your thoughts. There's a lot to this but I'm sure you read all the articles I read on it.

Kristy Mikel said...

1. What inspires you? Could be a mini series, a weekly thing, or a one time post.

2. Best Katylynn moments/stories/memories.

The list feels incomplete with just two, but it's all I've got right now!

Jeffrey Simpson said...
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Janelle said...

I still think you should do my idea.
SERIES: Compare the characteristics/special abilities of different superheroes to different people in your life today.

TITLE: How absolutely hilarious your incredible wife is. (what am I kidding, it shouldn't be a title, but really a series. I mean you could write for a decade on how hilarious she is.) "Come on, that's funny!"

In all seriousness, the SERIES TITLE is the famous Hanah quote stated above, "Come on, that's funny!" write out funny memories you have while being a youth pastor, friend, son, brother, husband and dad.

Kory said...

Have you ever considered writing a book? If so, what would you write about?

(If you did write a book I would buy it... just saying)


Jared Gregory said...

Series or Title: Do-Overs
Give some moments in your life that you wish you could do-over. I'm thinking of moments you would want to live again because it was so awesome, life changing, hilarious... etc.

- Jared G.

Jeremy Wilmot said...

You could take a few, or just one, of the most impactful verses on your life and disect them. Share how it impacts you.

TITLE: Derry likes the cubs?? i dont know haha ;)