Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rob Bell

I think I'm the only blog in the world that has yet to weigh in on Rob Bell, accusations of universalism, and his new book.  It's clearly time I need to weigh in.  Here's what I believe are the key points, thoughts, and opinions I need to add to blogworld concerning this discussion.

I have not read the book.

That is all.


Robby Prenkert said...

As a youth minister, you are required to have an opinion on every book, adolescent pop cultural trend, controversial film, and anything else anybody else doesn't want to bother thinking very hard about for themselves and that no one will remember in two years. Who cares if you read it. Leaders are supposed to tell us what to think so we don't have to. :-)

Uniquely Normal Mom said...

Well, I just randomnly stumbled on your blog, really, randomnly, and this is the first post I read. I'm hooked. Thanks for saying that you need to read the book before you weigh in. I just read yet ANOTHER blog post last night from someone who bashed it, but hasn't read it.

Sooo, thanks for that! I'll be sticking around!

Uniquely Normal Mom said...

Oh and one more thing...you need to add an about me or a profile page with some basics about you so when randoms like me find you, I know a bit more about you. Just a nice suggestion. :)