Thursday, April 07, 2011

Adoption Update: The Home Stretch

I sent word out on Twitter and Facebook, but haven't elaborated much on where we currently sit in the process to bring our little boy home.  We received word last week that the Ugandan Probation Officer's report is in.  What does that mean?  It means that all necessary reports and paperwork are in place.  So, here's the steps and timeline from here.
  1. Lawyers in Ugandan get court date set for the adoption hearing (could be today, should be within the next 3 weeks).
  2. We get a call informing us of the court date. (as soon as above happens)
  3. Janelle and I make a trip to Uganda.  We meet our son for the 1st time, spend time with him at the Care Center where he has been living, and have the court hearing. (2-4 weeks from receiving the call, 7-10 days in country)
  4. We head back home, w/out him. (home 2-4 weeks).
  5. Janelle, Katylynn, my mom, and I head back to Uganda for a 2nd trip.  We spend time with  the little guy at the care center, he then moves in where we are staying, and we have our U.S. Embassy meeting for visa interview. (in country 2-4 weeks).
  6. We all travel home. Time to be a family.
Bottom line, we are truly in the homestretch.  The next call puts a date in place that sets much of the rest of the timeline in clear place.  We are excited, anxious, nervous, overwhelmed, a little exhausted, and above all, incredibly grateful to God for His provision and sovereignty throughout all this process.
More to come!

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