Friday, April 22, 2011

Praying for our Adoption: Bonding Time

We should get 3 days with our little guy before the court date. When I say "days," I'm really not sure how long we'll be able to be with him each of those days.  We will be staying at a hotel that is quite a drive to the Care Center where he's at (we've been told numbers anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 1/2 hours).   He will not be able to come stay the night with us on this trip.  So, the reality is that our time is limitted, and we are hoping to capture every minute.  These are going to be the first moments of bonding.  Please pray that God will be able to begin to multiply the time spent together and fill in the 20 month gap that has been present to this point.  Pray for a supernatural Father/son; Mother/son; Father/Mother/son bond to take place over the 4 days total (3 days at care center; 1 day at court) we hope to share in this first trip!

*Special note: You may notice that I have removed the name or our boy from this blog.  That is out of an effort to be cautious as many eyes can see this blog.  We want to be sure to protect him as well as be sure to hold off on major details until things are finalized.  We will not be posting any photos or specific details (names, locations, etc) on this blog until things are more finalized.

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