Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KP Transformation, Haiti Night, & Ripples

Last night was special.  Janelle, Katylynn & I had the opportunity to travel to Keller Park Church in South Bend to be a part of Haiti Night.  Kory and Ali Lantz have been living in the Keller Park neighborhood for the past year and a half seeking to be a part of a movement to see the area transformed for the sake of Christ.  One key avenue has been through the ISI group they have formed.

ISI is for Iron Sharpens Iron, and the group is made up of teens from the area who have shown themselves to be respectful, reliable, and  ready for discipleship.  Last night, this group of teens put on a night to build awareness and raise money to help build homes for those affected by the Haiti earthquake.

The night was special to me for multiple reasons:
  • Nothing pumps me up quite like teens seeking to be a part of God's global work.  The night did exactly that.  The teens chose the focus of the night and came up with a game plan on how to raise the money.
  • Kory and Ali are two of NMC's own.  They are being spiritual multipliers.
  • To see where several of these ISI kids are at in their life journey as compared to a year ago is fantastic. They've had their bumps and bruises, but ultimately they are moving forward in their life decisions and pursuit of Christ.
  • Kory and Ali were somewhat inspired by what our students have been doing at NMC.  Geoff Cocanower (our Senior High Coordinator at NMC) was there last night, and I sent him a text stating, "You do realize this is another ripple of Kids In Need?  I mean, it's much bigger than that, but if our NMC students only knew..."
All in all, a fantastic night where I'm guessing $2,000+ was raised to build homes in Haiti.  Well done ISI kids, you advanced God's Kingdom last night.

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Keller Park said...

The kids were so excited you guys came and where there. Thank you so much for believing in them and us! It was VERY much a ripple from all NMC has done for K.I.N. Kory and I have gleaned more wisdom than you know from you & NMC, and are taking what we've learned and trying to implement it here. Thanks for being someone who can help mentor us through this thing called ministry, and support us!