Sunday, May 15, 2011

Praying For our Adoption: Calling Prayer Warriors - "Jesus, Calm the Storms"

We're currently reading through the Jesus Storybook Bible at bedtime with Katylynn.  It's a great book that came recommended by Jon McCallon (JH Pastor at SouthEast Christian Church).  It's a fantastic book that takes many stories throughout scripture and points toward Jesus.  As we've walked through the stories, there have been several times I've been moved or challenged by the presentation of the stories.

Tonight was one of those nights.  We're currently into the New Testament stories. We read about the moment where Jesus calmed the storms.  The following section caused me to pause:

Jesus stood up and spoke to the storm.  "Hush!" he said.  That's all.
And the strangest thing happened... The wind and the waves recognized Jesus' voice. (They had heard it before, of course -- it was the same voice that made them, in the very beginning).  They listened to Jesus and did what he said.

We've got several storms and potential storms as we await permission to travel back to bring our boy home:
  • There was supposed to be a significant court report filed Friday, but due to some backup in the system it did not happen.  This report has to be filed before we can move forward.  
  • Once that report is filed, there are two other key steps that need to happen.  These steps have a bit of a tenuous history as far as timing as well.
  • There are some political demonstrations scheduled for tomorrow.  These demonstrations have been going since April and have had their share of violence surrounding them.  There is tension in the country.  That tension feels like it could be escalating.
  • There was a strike by the lawyers in the country two weeks ago that shouldn't effect our process, yet it adds to the storms.
  • Airline Ticket prices are skyrocketing.  We can't purchase till we have a date.  Short notice will likely be happening which will take them up even more.
Ultimately, these "storms" leave room for us to be uneasy, fearful, and yearning to get back quickly.  I'd be lying to say I haven't moments where I wonder if Jesus has been sleeping on us.   I refuse to live in that mindset, yet tonight, I was moved to simply ask Jesus to SPEAK and calm the storms so we can move quickly.  

Would you join in praying humbly yet boldly that Jesus would speak into the storms?  Pray specifically...
  • That a court order would be filed in the next 48 hours.
  • That the next two meetings would happen by the end of this week.
  • That there will be peaceful demonstrations.
  • That we will be with our little guy before Memorial Day Weekend.

As an added AWESOME moment tonight, I explained (as well as I could to a 3 1/2 year old) to Katylynn the metaphorical picture of storms surrounding us bringing Jr. home.  I asked her if she wanted to pray with me.  She said yes.  I asked her what she wanted to pray.  She said, "Jesus, please don't let there be any more strikes in Uganda."  The kid is listening and comprehending, and I'm grateful for the faith-filled prayer of a child.

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Rob said...

The faith of a child....wish I had more of that.

I'll be praying...