Thursday, June 30, 2011

It Was Bound to Happen Sometime

Today was pretty low key, but encouraging.  Outside of some potty struggles, the fever was not present and he was very sweet and jovial.  We were also contacted twice, once from our main contact here and once from the Embassy, and both gave us optimistic reports concerning the potential for our interview going well on Wednesday.

We took a walk in the a.m. then after lunch headed over to the Country Club we have access to through our apartments.  There is a playground area there were Katylynn and Moses had a blast.  We also went swimming, and again both kids loved it.

It was while we were in the playground that it happened.  I knew it would happen sometime.  He was a 7 year old boy named Stallone (yup, that was his first name).  He was a sweet little guy who was quick to introduce himself to me and ask me my kids name.  After introducing Katylynn and Moses, he looked at Moses, then to me, then to Katylynn, back to Moses, then to me.

"Why is he brown and you are all white?"

I started to explain that we were adopting him, but he interrupted, "Is his mother brown?"
I started to explain again.  He interrupted again, "Did you change his color?"

I took a different slant.  I explained that his mom and dad who had him were not around anymore, and we were going to be his mom and dad now.  He seemed to understand. I looked at his mom and shrugged. She said, "Very good lesson for my boy.  Thank you, and God bless you for what you've done!"

Many have asked us if we have thought through the "race issue" as we adopt.  The answer is yes, we have thought about it a lot, and we don't know what lies ahead, but it's worth any insult or obstacle we may face.

Some have called us "color blind".  We are not color blind.  We are quite aware of the amazing colors God has created on this earth.  We just happen to love all those colors and would love to see them present in our family.

The fact is that the question, "Why is he brown and you all are white?" has likely been asked multiple times already, but just not to our faces.  I'm sure it will be asked again.  I doubt every time the response will be, "God bless you for what you've done!"

To say we don't care would be incorrect.  I think we care deeply.

I think the correct thing to say is that we refuse to let skin tone deter us from seeking to live out God's call to look after his children.


Aleshia Lane said...

That's an amazing story. I love talking to families who are fostering/adopting. I myself was adopted when I was 7. I don't have to face the race issues, but I do know several families who do. May God bless your family in the years to come.

P.S. Both of your kids are adorable.
P.P.S. Derry, I really appreciated listening to you speak at CDYC last year.

Kristy said...

Amen!! I love when the boy asked if you changed his It was one of those kids say the cutest things moments, at least i thought. While I was reading your blog,i had the song Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world red and yellow, black and white... running through my head the head whole time. Because it is so true, our amazing God loves us all, everyone of his people he created. I think you guys are amazing parents. You are in our prayers and i hope everything goes smoothly for you on Wednesday so you can bring your whole family home:)

Rob said...

Im not impressed...You handled it just as I thought you would...with truth, grace, and love.

Nice work...and glad Moses is feeling better...still praying for the Wednesday appts to go spectacularly awesome...and even for the safari to work out. (Can't hurt to ask, right?)

Small Town Girl said...

My sister added an amazing color to our family this past May. I can't wait to see more pretty colors in our family in years to come when they have children.

Shannon said...

One of our pastors at church has adopted a sweet boy who is of a different race. He is amazing and it's so perfect of showing how we are all adopted with God's love :) Continuing to pray God's favor over you and your family!!

Nana (Pam) Oglesbee said...

God will certainly bless you for being bold and facing what issues come your way. You have an amazing family and I am honored to be able to pray for your family. Your children are a beautiful extension of God's precious family.

I am sitting here typing this as my 2 adopted grandchildren who are "brown" from Guatemala ask me to sing...Jesus loves the little Children...all the children of the world...they are red, yellow, black and white...all the little children of the more needs said.


Amy said...

"Some have called us "color blind". We are not color blind. We are quite aware of the amazing colors God has created on this earth. We just happen to love all those colors and would love to see them present in our family."

I love how you said this Darry! So very true! :)

You will be in my prayers. *hugs*