Friday, June 24, 2011

Praying For Our Adoption: The Weekend

Some simple ways to pray:
  • Rest:  We're all very tired.  Pray especially for Katylynn that she would get adjusted in time.
  • Moses Adjustment:  The changes for him are drastic.  Pray that he will know and see love from his new family, and that will surpass all other things lost.
  • Family Time:  We're moving from a 1 to 2 kid family.  Grandma is a huge blessing to have along.  Pray we will simply bond together.
  • Health:  We are all feeling well.  Pray it will stay the same.
  • Culture:  While here, we have an opportunity to become more aware of the country and culture Moses is coming from.  Pray God will give us insight into this world.

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