Monday, June 06, 2011

This Summer at NMC Student Ministries

Based on my blog postings, you may wonder if I'm even working at NMC anymore.  I am, and I work with a fantastic team who has been beyond gracious and helpful as I've sat in some state of limbo over the past several months.  We are charging forward on multiple fronts, and I'm very excited about the things going on here.
  • SOAR Interns:  There are 8 total, and 4 of them (Colin, Tim, Cortnery, and Carter) are involved in Student Ministries.  These 4 are fantastic individuals who have truly dove in and are hungry to experience ministry.

  • ChicaGO SEMP: We have a team of  High School students that are heading back to SEMP!  SEMP was the original week-long evangelism training/experience that we tied into over the Summer.  Due to some shifts in the experience and then calendar issues, we have not attended a SEMP for 4 years.  We are excited for our team of students and leaders to head to Moody Bible Institute June 27-July 2.

  • IMPACT Dominican:  There's also a team of 20 students and 5 adults heading for our 3rd stop in Moca, Dominican Republic June 27-July 7. This team has been in training since January, and I'm so excited to have Kory & Ali Lantz, Dan & Katie Weiss, and Jessica Noelle leading this crew.
  • Summer Events:  We're doing something a little different this year.  We have 2 Junior High and 2 Senior High one day trips.  The goal of these are to simply get together to build relationships among students and leaders.  Tomorrow the Junior high takes off for an afternoon of Mini Golf, Go Carts, Batting Cages, and Video Games at Hackers in South Bend.  On Thursday, the Senior High head to Deep River Water Park for the day.  Coming in July is a Senior High trip to the Dunes.  In August, the Junior High will be heading to Indiana Beach.

  • Summer Camp:  This year's theme is GREATER THAN, and we're praying that God will do things greater than he's ever done before.  The amount of kids signed up has been very encouraging.

  • Sunday and Wednesday Programming:  From Preteen through Senior High I feel like we're offering some of the best programming and teaching we have offered in quite a while.
I love the team I work with.  As I've had to continually hand off responsibilities while we wait in limbo, they have taken and ran with some fantastic stuff.  I'm looking forward to a great Summer.

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    D.C. Cramer said...

    Great memories from SEMP. Like when the electricity went out, and we had the unplugged worship extravaganza. Or when I pretended to be a visitor and let a guy lead me through an evangelistic tract....