Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Prayer for Senior High Camp


You are near.
I know that every single person is at this Camp for a reason. As we have prayed through the names and the process, it’s been very clear that you are bringing us together in this place for a reason. As we head into this day, may every second be blessed. May we not waste one.
Cedar Point
Let what seems so simple, make it extraordinary.
What seems frivolous and fun, bring purpose and intention.
For the one who is doubting if they should be here, confirm that they should be.
For the one who has done this far too many times, make it fresh.
For the one who is just looking for a friend and the one looking to be a friend, collide.
For the divine appointments, the moments of joy, the moments of perspective, the GOD MOMENTS… may you simply be God.

You are here.

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mindi jo said...

Loved this.


Praying for everyone.