Friday, July 08, 2011

Thank Yous

"It takes a village to raise a child."
-African Proverb
No, this is not a quote by Hilary Clinton.  It is an African proverb she wrote a book from.  The quote is actually quite profound and true.  In my role as a youth pastor, I've seen what can happen when an entire community (family, church, school officials, neighbors) can come around students and get hands on in their lives.

"It's takes a village to adopt a child."
-Derry & Janelle's Proverb

There have been so many people that have been key in making the journey to Moses Andrew Prenkert joining are family that I couldn't name them all.  But, we want to try anyway by highlighting a few by name or by group or category.
  1. Our Parents and extended families:  Thank you for unashamedly welcoming this little guy as your grandson, nephew or cousin.  Thank you for standing with us through this whole process.  Specific thanks to Jeanette, my mom, for journeying with us and making the time here much more kid focused than dish, laundry and cleaning focused.
  2. NMC Student Ministries Staff (Chris, Geoff, Kristy, Megan, Jessica, Anna, and the SOAR Interns):  Thanks for your continued flexibility through all the uncertain travel times. Thanks for picking up what I could not carry over this time.  Thank you that you have been more than simply co-workers in this process.  You have been co-laborers, feeling the pain and holding my arms up in prayer, laughter, and encouragement through it all.
  3. Our closest friends:  Who allowed us to take the mask off at times and speak openly and honestly.  For your encouraging texts, your prayers, your excitement & anticipation over the whole process.  I would name you, but I think you know who you are, and I wouldn't want to leave any out.
  4. NMC Student Ministries:  For taking up a challenge to address Kids In Need worldwide, and forcing Janelle and I to practice what we preach.
  5. NMC Staff and Leaders:  For stirring our heart for the nations and for orphans.  For allowing me the flexibility to travel and be completely a part of this process.
  6. NMC Family:  For your continued prayers, encouragement and support through the whole process.
  7. HOLT International:  For all your help in getting us connected to Moses.  For making the process as smooth, legal and clear as possible.
  8. AFC Uganda & the QE Care Center:  For finding Moses and caring for him until we could.  He will forever carry your investment forward!
  9. HOLT Uganda Group:  Only you know exactly what we have been walking through.  You have been a source of insight, encouragement, a fantastic venting spot, and we look forward to seeing your kids grow in their forever family as ours does as well.
  10. Lifesong for Orphans:  For your incredible matching grant.
  11. Show Hope:  For your gracious grant.
  12. Prayer Warriors:  To go through and name you all specifically would be very, very hard.  It will be very exciting to recount the ways your "gap standing" opened and closed doors, guided paperwork, and fought off the enemies schemes.
  13. Anyone who bought a T-shirt, Cards, Wallet, or Auction Item:  Your funds were key for bringing him home.
  14. Anyone who gave me a coke cap, 12 or 24 pack code:  Again, you help get the funds to bring Moses home.
  15. Those who gave freely:  So many financial gifts we never sought, but God brought through you.  We don't name you because we would hate to take away from your heavenly reward that is coming!
  16. Candy and Emily:  For allowing us to see the joy of adoption, and confirming in us that God has a different plan than normal for building our family.
  17. Katylynn:  For being the voice of God more times than once in some of our darkest times.
  18. Hands, Mouths, ears, and shoulders: Hands that wrote encouraging words.  Mouths that encouraged, prayed and challenged in appropriate times.  Ears that listened.  Shoulders that let us cry when needed.
  19. Jesus Christ:  In him we live and move and have our being.  For calling us toward the least of these, and the promise that every time I look into my son's face, there's a little glimpse of You (Matthew 25:40; Matthew 18:5)

We say Thank you and God Bless to the "village" who has moved this family from 3 to 4, and we look forward to stewarding the precious soul that God has entrusted us with!

With Love and Appreciation,
Derry and Janelle


Rob said...

No, thank you both...for giving me hope and a tangible reminder that God still shows up big no matter how overwhelming the situation may be. That knowledge alone leaves me to thank you. Glad you guys are back here...and praying you the rest of the way home today.

Iglesia Misionera Agua Viva said...

thank you for sharing your story(life) with us. :)

Geoff Cocanower said...

I echo what Rob said and add that I'm just so thankful that we had the opportunity to have a small part in this. I just told Craig that the simple thought that you're little boy is home is just overwhelming....

Lori said...

A beautiful thank you note!