Tuesday, August 30, 2011

5 Thoughts For Youth Pastors

Thought #1:  You are valued.
There is a generation that is looking to be led to something significant.  You are important to the kingdom. 

Thought #2:  You will get beat up.
You will get criticized, ostracized, and vllainized by parents, students, coworkers, satan, and yourself.  It WILL HAPPEN.

Thought #3:  You won't get everything done.
There will always be one more phone call, one more project, one more meeting, one more sporting event.  Sometimes you just gotta say no and go home.

Thought #4:  Who you are is more important than what you do.
What good is it if you gain the whole ministry world, yet forfeit your soul? Let your relationship with Christ be the priority and let your ministry flow from that... not the reverse.

Thought #5:  You are replaceable.
If the ministry would tank without you, you've failed as a leader.  The Holy Spirit is the  only irreplaceable!

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Phil Strahm said...

I think a post on interacting with Senior Pastor/superiors would be great as well! Thanks for your quick "5 thoughts" posts!