Thursday, September 01, 2011

5 Thoughts for Dads

Thought #1 - It's the most important job you have.
It's a battle to figure out when your work should end and family time should begin.  It's tricky as you seek to be the provider of your family, live out the calling of ministry on your life, and then be the Dad you are to be.  YET, what good is it if you gain all the rest of the world and forfeit your family.  I remember in 2009 as we were working on our Kids In Need initiative with Student Ministries.  I was researching through the "major giants" facing children of the world.  I was driving to lunch and I was struck with a thought, I believe from God... "Be careful that you're efforts to help Kids in Need around the world does not produce Kids in Need in your own household."

Thought #2 - Be Engaged with your kids.
Stoic parenting sucks.  I know you may not be naturally excitable or affectionate.  I'm not necessarily either of those myself.   Get off your butt and play catch.  Get down on the floor and play barbies.  I don't think there's such a think as overhugging, overkissing, or overtelling your kids "I love you."

Thought #3 - Remember your wife.
Now, I know this may not be a thought for all dads.  There may be some single dads out there.  The truth is that some of the single dads may be single dads because they neglected this thought.  My wife is an awesome mom.  She is the glue that holds us together as a family.  She is a support.  She's a riot.  She deserves to be hugged.  She deserves to be served.  She deserves a night out alone and a date night (preferably with me).  She deserves it.  Your wife deserves it too.

Thought #4 - Back off on the sports field.
Not just the sports field, but any place where your kids are involved in an activity.  Support, cheer, encourage, and maybe every once in a while, coach.  Your son or daughter won't become a pro.  You can't go back and play sports through your kids again.

Thought #5 - The greatest gift you can give your kids is your intimacy with God.
Fall more in love with Jesus today than you were yesterday.  They are watching you for cues.  They will model your cues.  I see it all the time in Student Ministries.  Show me a dad who is passionately pursuing Christ above all else, and more times than not, I'll be able to show you a son or daughter who is doing the same.

*By no means am I a pro on any of these.  In fact, I can say each of these are or will be a struggle for me to live out as a dad.


Rob said...

Great stuff...and a great challenge. Thanks and praying for you as you prepare for Sunday...and looking forward to it!

Phil Strahm said...

As a new dad I continue telling myself these very things as I balance ministry, raising a Godly son, and date nights with the wife!