Monday, September 05, 2011

5 Thoughts on College Football

*The following are personal opinions.

Thought #1 - It's all about having a team.
I could not get into college football for the longest time.  If I didn't have anything else going on, I could turn a "big game" on and watch it.  I'm surrounded by ND, Michigan, OSU, and Nebraska fans.  I decided to become a fan of a team last year.  I jokingly picked Boise State in light of the pain in the butt they seem to be to the whole BCS system.  In the process of watching their games, I actually became a fan.  I'm much more interested in college football now.

Thought #2 - A full ride scholarship is pretty nice "pay."
Lot's of investigations, recruiting violations, pay for play allegations, and potential sanctions in the offseason.  With all this talk there have been those complaining that colleg players are "exploited" for the benefit of the institutions they play for.  The conclusion many make?  College players should be payed for playing.
Faulty conclusion.  The majority of college players are getting their college education for free.  My years of paying off college debt tell me that's a pretty awesome "paycheck."

Thought #3 - The BCS is indefensible for determining a National Champion.
I can understand the argument that the BCS system makes every game count a lot more than a traditional playoff setup.  I can understand that there is no way to create a clear-cut play off with as many teams are invlved.  I do think it's not that far off from making a much more valid system.  Personally, I like the "and 1" idea where the top four face off in two of the BCS Bowls and the winners play for the championship.  Even better, I'd love to see 6 Super conferences, 2 at large bids, and an 8 game playoff... I know it will never happen, but I'd like it.

Thought #4 - The Games are too long.
It's funny how a major complaint of Major League Baseball is that the games are too long.  College games last 4 hours.  The halftime needs to be cut down.

Thought #5 - I really think this is Boise State's year.
I'm a fan, what did you expect?

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