Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Salgaa Day

Today was a day we were all looking forward to as well as a little overwhelmed to take part in.  We traveled 14 km to the neighboring town of Salgaa, a major truck stop town.  There is a lot of pain and tough stories out of this town.  We split into four groups and visited the homes of several ladies who are a part of the support group that meets every Wednesday.

It was a very eye-opening experience for all of us.  After the home visits, we gathered in a nearby church building. Taylor and Kylee shared their testimonies. Savannah read some scripture.  I shared a brief message of encouragement.  We sang together.  We heard a testimony from one of the ladies from the support group.

After the support group, we went to another room where we were shown multiple products that the ladies are producing and selling to create alternative revenue streams to help them get out of the damaging cycle some of them had been living in.  We went crazy souvenir shopping.

When I visited in April 2010, my heart came in heavy and it left broken for this town and the ladies in it.

When I returned today, my heart still came in heavy, yet left very encouraged in the redemptive work that is taking place.  This ministry was Margie Helmuth's baby when she was here.  It has now become a key part of Kristy Mikel's ministry.  NMC, be proud of our people who are laboring in the Lord here.  It is making a difference.  God is moving. 

The first three pics are from our time today.  Bottom two are at the Baby Center.

Your continued prayers are appreciated.  Tomorrow morning we have an opportunity to share with and encourage the majority of the Baby Center Staff in the morning.  Then it's off to Nakuru for lunch and a visit to Nakuru Game Park.

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