Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Senior High Camp

Today begins NMC's Senior High Summer Camp.  Classically, I've used this blog as a spot to keep everyone back home updated on the happenings of Camp.  This year, that will not be happening as much for two major reasons...
  1. I have significantly stepped down on the activity on this blog.
  2. With the addition to our family, I will not be going to Camp until Friday.  Therefore I will not be able to post.
If you are looking to keep updated on the happenings of Senior High Camp, head over to the NMC Student Ministries Parents Facebook page.  We'll be posting regular updates and photos, and links to other posts there.

I'm incredibly excited about what God has in store for the 211 NMC Senior High Students and Staffs that are on the road right now to camp.  Please be in prayer that we will see and respond to His move!

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