Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Heading Out

Tomorrow, I make a journey to Pennsylvania then Virginia thanks to incredibly important investments in my life.
  1. Dustin's and Charisse's Wedding:  Dustin was a student leader at NMC, a SOAR intern, and a joy to invest in. He just took on his first Youth Pastor role in Virginia.  Charisse was a SOAR Intern as well.  Their wedding is Friday, and I have the privilege of pronouncing them husband and wife.  So excited to celebrate with them.
  2. Daddy/Daughter Long Date:  Katylynn will be joining me on this journey.  We make our way to Hershey tomorrow.  Visit the chocolate factory then swing through DC on our way to stay at a Lake House before the wedding.  So excited to make some memories with my little girl.

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