Friday, October 19, 2012


I went to a volleyball game last night.  It was a rowdy and crazy one.  NorthWood/ Fairfield always seems to be a great matchup.  They are actually two of the better teams in our area and they just happened to draw each other in the first round sectional matchup.

For me, this match had special meaning.  Savannah, Jana, Hanna, Jessica, Maddie, Allie, and Ashley all call NMC home. I've seen a couple of these girls grow up in the church.  I've seen others join the journey around Junior High.  I've seen others just join in with us in the past couple of years.  These are some pretty amazing girls.

For me, this match had extra-special meaning.  You see, at Summer Camp I saw these girls gather together and ask, "What would it look like if we were unashamed for Jesus in how we lived, played, and spoke this season?"  What's awesome to me is that they didn't just ask the question.  They chose to do it.  And here's the thing, they're good.  I mean REALLY good.  Several will be playing in college next year.  There's a couple underclassmen who will definitely be playing college as well.  They've had an amazing regular season.  What's cool is how they've taken that success and pointed to Jesus. 

I wasn't able to attend Senior Night, but I heard back that each of the Seniors basically took the time allotted for them to be introduced as a space to boldly explain the priority and importance of their faith in Christ.  It was not obnoxious, but it was blatant and it was powerful.

So, you always want these stories to end with the great storyline.  If not a state championship, there should at least be a deep playoff run.  Well, it didn't work out that way for the NorthWood Girls last night.  They lost in the first round of the Sectionals.  For some, this is it. No more High School Volleyball.

As the match ended, and teams finished up their final huddle, I saw something happen.  My grainy camera phone doesn't do the moment credit, but I still snapped this pic:

 I watched them, still in tears over their loss, gather together and pray.  What an awesome moment?!  I have no idea what was prayed, but, I saw the last "act" of their season on the court be one that was an Unashamed act of worship.  And I know others saw it as well.

What I saw at the end of a great season was, by far, my highlight.
I'm pretty sure what Jesus saw made heaven celebrate.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what amazing story Derry, thank you for sharing this. It is evident that some in our youth have been dedictaed to not being ashamed of their faith, my prayer is that they will start rubbing off on more of them and they start to get it.

Keep up the great work.