Friday, October 05, 2012

The Things That Run Through My Mind - Political Ads

I usually catch them while watching sports since it's one of the few things on TV I don't DVR.
Black and White B-Roll with still images popping up.
Caricatures of candidates.
Hyperbole and sweeping statements about opponents.
Sound clips clearly taken out of context.
Everything you need to know about why you shouldn't vote for the opponent.
Why the opponent hates America and you.
And the end, "My name is _____________, and I approved this ad."

Ahhh... Political Ads. It doesn't matter which party.  It doesn't matter which branch or office someone is voting for.  They make the elite in my list of least favorite things.
And when I see them, these are the things that run through my mind...

Does he honestly think my vote is going to be swayed by this ad?  Does she realize that in those 30 seconds I did not hear a single thing (outside of a name and endorsement for the ad) about her and what she stands for? Do they truly believe that their opponent wants to ruin this country at the level the ad portrayed?  Will I ever see an ad from someone that starts with, "My name is ___________, and this is what I plan to do if you elect me to office," and I actually hear what the person is hoping to accomplish?  Will I ever get through an entire ad without the mention of the opponent at all.
I want to start a Political Action Committee.  It would be a political party-neutral PACwhere we raise funds to those who are willing to advertise their campaign without maligning their opponent.  In fact the candidate would only receive money for the ad if they agree to run their entire ad campaign with ads explaining their personal stance and what they hope to accomplish.  We'd call it "The Kid's Tea Party PAC."  We only fund ads  feel comfortable showing at a kids tea party, and saying, "See kids, that's proper social manners." 

Then, I realize I've spent too much brain space on this.  Football is back on, and I resolve to only vote for those I'm confident I'm aware of their actual platform and views on the issues I feel are most important to the health of the country and are in line with my faith...
... something I'm finding harder and harder to discover without bias or spin.
... something I'm afraid drives me to consider not being able to vote at all in some races.

But, I have been known to vote for a candidate I knew little about, but was so impressed with how clean and focused his/her campaign was run.

I need to go do some research on how to form a PAC...

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