Thursday, January 10, 2013

What We Want Parents To Know

1. Outsourcing. 
2. Opposition. 
 These are two words we never want to hear when it comes to the role of NMC Student Ministries in correlation with parents. There are key elements to your children’s spiritual development that were not meant to be “outsourced” from the home. At the same time, we (Student Ministries) do not desire to stand in opposition to parents in the lives of the students we minister to.

We desire PARNTERSHIP to be the word we her in from parents about Student Ministries. We want to see your students grab ahold of a relationship with Jesus Christ that will transform their lives both in the moment and for their life following their Middle and High School years.

All through February, we will be running a series on this blog. These posts will serve as a bit of primer on Student Ministries as well as share some tips and tools on how to make the most of this partnership.

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