Monday, June 24, 2013

Why I'm Stuck at Home

We arrived back home Friday night after a marathon drive.  We hoped to hit our final 4 graduation Open Houses for the season on Saturday, but we could only swing 3 on the level of energy and general health of the clan.

In the last 24 hours, I have sent off 2 teams totaling 75 students and leaders.  One to ChicaGO SEMP where they will be receiving evangelism training in the morning, going into the streets of Chicago to engage in spiritual conversations in the afternoon, and eventually making their way back home to share their faith in the halls of their school.  The other to the Dominican Republic where they will be partnering with the local church there. This will be our 4th team to work in this area of the Dominican.  They will be stretched and challenged while having their "God box" blown up to equal the heart for the nations.

This is the third straight year I have sat back and watched these teams take off.  The past two years were necessary due to traveling to Uganda to bring Moses home and Janelle's due date being within days of the trips. 

This year is necessary for different reasons.  It's necessary because I have very capable staff and leaders who can effectively lead these teams.  Why get in the way of that?

While Tim and his team of Adults dive into our GO students, and while Kristy, Dan, Katie and Adam walk our students through their experiences in the DR, I sit at home and pray like crazy for these two teams.

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