Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Blizzard 2014 Social Media Test

Tally up how many of these are true of you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  or MySpace (had to include) in the last 72 hours:
  1. Mentioned how many times you have shoveled/snow blown your drive.
  2. Posted of your back porch/back yard.
  3. Video of boiling/ hot water being thrown into the air.
    • If it was a link count as 1.
    • If it was you or someone in your immediate family, count as 2.
    • If you are someone in your family was burnt in the activity, count as 3.
  4.  Made some comment about Global Warming (count as 2 if you mentioned Al Gore)
  5. Used your account to announce a school or work closing.
  6. Posted a picture of the temperature in any format.
  7. Linked to the story on Indiana Schools not having to make up Mon/Tues Snow Days.
  8. Shared a picture/pictures of a Michigan Lighthouse covered in ice.
  9. Used any of the following words in a status... BREAD, MILK, PLOW, BLIZZARD, DRIFT.  If you used more than 2 of these words in a single status or tweet, count as 2.
  10. Made any mention of the Blizzard of '78.

10+   Blizzard Wizard. CNN and FOX News should be looking to you for up-to-date Blizzard information.
8-10   Social Media Mogul. You nailed it this time. Top of the class.
5-7   Twitterific. You have done well this time, my friend.
3-4   Facebook Jedi in Training. Next time, my young Padawan.
1-2   Fail. Why do you even have a social media account.
0   Epic Fail... or you don't use social media. 

One final Disclaimer... If you posted anything about The Bachelor last night, you must delete every social media account you own.


Kirsten S. said...

I was a 7. I say that's pretty normal. However, I posted numerous pictures. I was a little picture happy on instagram on Sunday. But there was nothing else to do. I was trapped! I had to do something and social media was available...unlike the bread at my local grocery store.

Connor Yoder said...

I got a 0...