Sunday, January 05, 2014

Random Late-Night Thoughts

  • I was beginning to think this was another over-hyped snowpocalypse, freezergeddon, coldtastrophe situation.  I'll give it some legitimacy at this point.  This much snow followed by the subzero temps mean no major activity outside the Prenkert home till at least Tuesday.
  • We (plus Grandma, plus cousin Drew) took a trip to Bloomington Friday/Saturday to see my nephew play Mike Teavee in a production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Two great moments.  We've read the book to Katylynn twice.  She LOVED watching the show.  Moses loved seeing his cousin on stage.
  • Saturday Night's Colts game was unreal.
  • We're starting a new study Sunday a.m. at NMC called CHANGE.  Very excited for us as a body and very excited personally.
  • Our home has a steep drive.  My Buick does horrible in snow.  We don't have a snowblower.  Fortunately we have very gracious neighbors who do.
  • Weather like this before kids (BK) would likely mean popping in the Lord Of The Rings extended versions and not leaving the couch.  Weather like this AK means lots of cleaning, games, entertaining, and cleaning.

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D.C. Cramer said...

[Just commenting random morning thoughts to let you know you still have readers lurking.]

As much as I love me a snow day, I'm glad we got out of IN when we did. Returned to a 65 degree high Saturday, although since the highs have been in the 30s-40s (that is, 30s-40s ABOVE, not BELOW 0!)

We got the Borne quadrilogy for Christmas but can't find a time to watch it without kids either. Kind of hard to raise pacifists if we start them on those movies too early.

What kind of CHANGE is the CHANGE series about?

The "Please prove you're not a robot" phrase is "doxpago vertebrae." Sounds like a good band name.