Thursday, April 24, 2014

Disney Photo Contest Memories (Series of Posts to Follow)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I entered a photo in a contest to win a trip to Walt Disney World (most votes wins).  At first I thought I'd throw it on my timeline and see if we could get a few people to vote on it.  After a week, it became clear to me we had a chance to actually win, so I kicked it into overdrive.
  • I became excessive in my Tweets and Status Updates in an effort to pick up new voters and remind people to vote daily.  It was RIDICULOUS.  I mean, I was annoying myself with the posts.  I could only imagine how annoyed those who had no interest in the contest were getting.
  • I started regularly posting "REASONS" to vote for our photo.  These ranged from the humorous, to the strategic, to the sentimental.
  • I recorded several videos of the kids asking for votes.
  • I started making memes featuring various Disney and pop culture references.
  • Others significantly joined in the efforts by sharing and resharing to their Facebook timelines in an effort to gain more voters.
  • In an act of desperation one night as it became clear to me we had a chance, I made a commitment to dance down the streets of Nappanee singing "Let it Go" at the top of my lungs and post the video to YouTube.  If we won in a landslide, I committed to dress up in a princess costume.
Here's the crazy thing.  We actually won!  And we won by a lot!
Because of the way the Facebook Timeline works, it's tricky to find all the stuff I posted after time passes, so I'm going to take the next several posts to recount some of the posts, memes and videos we posted just for the sake of having a good (for he most part) memory to share with my kids and others. 

*Big thanks to the DIS Unplugged ( for holding the contest and to Dreams Unlimited Travel ( for the prize.

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