Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sow Seeds. Sow Lots of Seeds.

The Benediction I shared at the close of NMCs August 31 Message out of Luke 8:4-15

NMC, let’s sow seeds.
Let’s sow lots of seeds.
In our homes.
At the dinner table.
In the family room.
In our conversations.
Sow seeds.

In the cubicle.
On the production floor.
In the boardroom.
In the break room.
And in the bathroom.
Sow seeds.

In the classroom.
In the Hallways.
At the Lunch Table.
In the locker room.
On the field.
And yes, fans, in the stands.
 Sow seeds.
Sow lots of seeds.

In the produce aisle.
In the checkout line.
On our phone.
On Facebook.
In our tweets, our TBT’s and texts.
Let’s sow seeds.

To the masses
And to the one.

When everyone is looking
And no one at all.

With our actions
And with our words.

With our families,
With our friends
And even our enemies.

To a world that is LOST.
YOU are the one God is calling to

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