Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Sunday Night Reflections

Some random thoughts running through my head this evening:

- I crashed hard this afternoon after preaching.  I once heard someone say preaching a message is equal in energy to running a marathon.  I think that is a load of hooey, but I will say that preaching three messages in a row brings on a unique level of exhaustion.

- I'm looking forward to grilling some bbq pork tomorrow.  

- With Graduation Open Houses and Summer Camps, this is my final "free weekend" where there is nothing pulling me away from family/home until July 17-19.  This is the final weekend I will basically lounge at home until August 14-16.  Suummers be crazy!

- As I watched the Class of '15 being honored in each service, I experienced an extremely vast amount of thoughts and emotions.  I'd love to say I'm confident in the spiritual state of this class as a whole.  I can't.  There are several individuals I believe are in a great spot and will thrive in the next season of life. As a whole, I find myself praying they will learn through their struggles, doubts and failures in the next phase. 

- Memorial Day is clearly a time dedicated to remembering those who have served and even given their lives for our country.  I am forever grateful for them.  At the same time, I have found myself remembering my Dad this weekend... A LOT.  For his life and investment in me, I am forever grateful.

- Highlights from this weekend included a lot of laughs and time with my son. I am so glad God brought us on a journey to have him part of our lives.

- I am currently watching a movie... and it is a reboot.  Robocop.  Reboots, adaptations and sequals.  Just summed up 90% of hollywood's releases.  This is probaly why I'm really looking forward to watching Tomorrowland.

- Tuesday 5 individuals start working with us for the Summer. 4 are NMC grads.  The 5th is a SOAR alum. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us this Summer.

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