Monday, August 17, 2015

WDW Reflection: Primary Principles

Here are 5 principles you will find me returning to again and again when sharing opinions, tips and experiences concerning a Walt Disney World Vacation.  You will see me return to them again and again.
    Any destination guidebook to any location will push the value of doing your research and having a plan to make the most of your visit, but when it comes to a WDW vacation planning is essential.  I'm not one to say you HAVE to every single detail planned and mapped out complete with spreadsheets.  In fact, I think uber-planning has a significant downside as it can be a major setup for disappointment when things don't play out as planned.  Of course, it is possible  to show up to Disney with no tickets, no reservations and no game plan and have a good time, but it is highly unlikely while ensuring missed opportunities and higher expenses. 
    Disney's recent move My Magic Plus and Fastpass+ has ushered in a new age when it comes to planning.  I personally plan much more than I think the average vacationer needs to, but that's part of the joy for me.
  2. YOU WILL NOT FIND "CHEAP," BUT YOU CAN FIND "CHEAPER."Let's be clear, you're going to spend a lot of money at Walt Disney World.  Unless you win a free trip, you won't find yourself on low-budget WDW vacation.  There are definitely ways to save money though, and I spend a lot of time and posts walking through options to do so.
  3. TIME = MoneyThis simple "equation" is an essential cost/benefit tool when making your choices on your WDW vacation.  It's not always true, but often time saving opportunities and tactics will have a price tag attached to it.
  4. YOU CAN'T DO IT ALL. People are so baffled on how I could take so many trips over the years and spend so many days in the parks each trip.  The truth is that we do multiple new things every time we go. There is SO MUCH to do that you will have to make choices.  There will be a few times where the options will come down to a good choice/bad choice.  More times than not, it's the question of good choice/great choice.  The key is to enjoy all that you get to do, and let go of the things you couldn't do "this time" (that's how they get you back!)
  5. THE MAGIC IS A MOVING TARGET. "Disney Magic" is a phrase you'll hear a lot in correlation to a trip.  It's that "thing" that makes the vacation special.
    What would make a Disney Vacation magical for you?  I could easily ask 10 different people that question and get 10 different answers.  Some of this has to do with goals.  Meeting characters, escaping life back home, making the most of your $$, creating family memories... they all will play a role in this.  Even when I personally look at this, each trip has contained it's own "magical moments" and they had a lot to do with the timing and goals of that specific trip.

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