Saturday, January 02, 2016


In 2015 I...
...went to Disneyworld twice.  
...saw significant broadened ministry opportunities through camp/conference speaking and DYM authorship. 
...experienced one of the more powerful cross-generational moments of my life at Brown City Camp. 
...found myself in major moments of insecurities, uncertainty, and angst. 
...experienced the hardest season of ministry in my life from Winter through Spring. 
...sent all my kids to school in the Fall (the youngest just twice a week and in the mornings). 
...sensed clarity from God on a very tough and heartbreaking decision. 
...sensed the whisper of God leading me to anither adoption adventure. 
... saw the move of God as he brought our 4th child into our home. 
...watched as the people of God came behind the calling of God for our adoption through prayer support and resources. 
...experienced my 20th re-birthday in my relationship with Jesus. 
...fell more in love with my wife than ever before. 
...fell more in love with Jesus than ever before. 

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