Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Is that you God?

Over the past 4 years, I've become an avid AM radio listener... specifically ESPN Radio. There have been three times where I have done an extended fast from AM radio to instead use my drive time for solitude, meditation, and prayer.

Last Spring, when we purchased a car to replace our car that was totaled in an accident, we discovered that AM radio does not work in it.
Not a big deal, because Janelle mainly drives that car.

This evening, I started up my car in the NMC parking Lot. I heard the normal noise of my antenna raising, followed by a crazy-odd noise. I stopped the car, and looked at my radio antenna dangling over the side of the car.

Now it's sitting in my back seat.

My antenna doesn't pick up AM radio when it's sitting in my back seat.

I now have no way to listen to AM radio when driving.

Is God trying to tell me something?


Dan & Nancy Erickson said...

You can take some consolation from the fact that this is the worst time of the year for sports talk radio, and this is coming from a fellow ESPN radio addict. Of course, it's not like we need consolation when it comes to hearing from God...

Nonetheless, if you really needed to get your fix, you could always go to ESPN Podcenter and download the day's shows.

Rob said...

I think God's telling you to get a XM Roady that you can switch between the two cars and listen to ESPN in gloriously clear digital without any signal loss problems with the satillite signal....or maybe God wants you to pray....sometimes I get my signals crossed....maybe I listen to too much ESPN...hmmmmmm