Thursday, July 12, 2007

Prayer Room quotes... WHAT IF?

Some of the WHAT IFs I've been asking lately...

WHAT IF…my life was filled with more “be with” prayers than “help me” prayers?

WHAT IF… I saw my school as the mission field that it is, and saw myself as the missionary God’s calling me to be?

WHAT IF…I were to look at people through the eyes of Jesus?

WHAT IF…I were to pray with the faith of a mustard seed?

WHAT IF…I went about my life filled up with God’s Spirit, ready to empty out on this world?

WHAT IF…revival were to truly break out in
…my church?
…my family?
…my team? school? country?

WHAT IF…I were to really give “that one thing” over to God that I’ve been holding on to?

WHAT IF…I took off the mask and embraced who God is calling me to be?

WHAT IF…I wasn’t so used to God?

WHAT IF…I truly believed God could to the miraculous?

WHAT IF…I were to serve like Jesus did?

WHAT IF…I spent less time worrying about my life, and more time seeking God on my face?

WHAT IF…my prayer life eventually caused knee problems?

WHAT IF…we were truly able to see the Spiritual War that is taking place in our community?

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