Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Philosophy of Blogging - Part 5

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The final of the 4 key ingredients...

What as I see as the final and ultimate goal is to inspire the reader toward action. I have invited them into my life and on the journey. I've provided information concerning my journey and interaction with the world. I've given instruction through observations, experiences and stories.
My hope is then is that the reader has taken the invitation/information/instruction, and finds him/herself inspired to do something with it.

For example, when I share how I was struck by the significant role Jessica Bislow plays in Caleb Bislow's life (playing the role of #2), I hope readers are interacting with this information and instruction...
  • Thinking through who the "Jessica Bislows" are in their life.
  • Considering where they need to be a "Jessica Bislow" to someone else.
Ultimately, my hope is someone might take action on what they've interacted with...
  • A husband goes out of his way to thank his wife or vice versa for the ways she's been a true "behind the scenes" warrior in the marriage.
  • An Associate Pastor sees that maybe it's time to come behind his Senior Pastor in a supportive and encouraging manor.
  • A student considers who they might be able to "come behind" to help him/her become all that God wants them to be.
This is why you will often see me pose a lot of questions or leave a lot of open-ended thoughts on my blog. My hope is that those serve as inspiration points... opportunities for the reader to stop and ask, "What am I going to do with what I just read?"
Now, with as much information as there is out on the www. and the way most choose to read blogs (skim, look for short posts)... INSPIRE would seem to be potentially a rare occurance between blogger and reader. And it is, especially in the sense of deep, profound inspiration to make significant life change.
Yet, when I get those emails that start with
"I was reading your blog, and I just had to write you..."
or when I'm talking to someone and they say,
"Hey, I was reading your blog and I just wanted to say thanks for..."
I realize that it does happen every once in a while.

Now, as I come to an end, I have in no way delved into the deepest of philosophies concerning a blog... but as I said, this started more as personal journaling question of "Why Do I Blog?"
  • As I journaled, I thought the information I was processing was worth sharing;
  • therefore I've invited you on the journey.
  • Possibly, somewhere on the way the information I've shared has given you some sort of instruction toward keeping and maintaining a blog.
  • Maybe you've been inspired to do something.
Is it time for you to start a blog?
Have you taken time to ask why you blog?

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