Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Reflection

Last year's Father's Day was a first and a last. It was my first to celebrate as a father, and the last I would celebrate having my father alive. Here's the catch. I was in Mexico on a Missions trip and did not celebrate with either my dad or my daughter. I'd be lying if this reality didn't add to the already mixed emotions of a different kind of first Father's Day to celebrate going into this Sunday... my first Father's Day since dad's death.

All said and done, though, a great day for multiple reasons.
  1. I remembered dad. Again, such great memories and such a fantastic father figure that I can't get too frustrated over the 32 years of his earthly presence in my life.
  2. I got the coolest gift. Katylynn picked out a ridiculous M&Ms shirt for me. I wore it proudly all afternoon.
  3. I got to be a dad. We spent the afternoon at my aunt's swimming.
  4. I was supported. Whether it was text messages, phone calls, or cards, a lot of people just let me know they were thinking of me on this day. That really goes a long way.
So, back to last year. The negative was that my first Father's Day was spent apart from my dad and daughter. The positive was that they spent that day together while I was in Mexico.

Thank God for this thing called family. Thank you God for the family I've been blessed with.

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