Tuesday, June 23, 2009

John & Kate Exasperate

I'm really mad.

In 5 seasons, I'd never watched a single episode of John & Kate Plus 8. To be honest, the show wasn't even on my radar until last March. I'm fairly certain your aware of the show unless this blog is the only technology you allow in your house. Strained marriage & potential affairs have been filling the headlines for a couple of months.

Well, all last week TLC pulled out the hype machine letting everyone know a huge announcement was coming on last night's show. I'd read and heard from multiple trusted voices that the unfolding train wreck was both maddening and saddening.

So I watched 50 minutes of last night's big episode. I watched right up until the screen went black, and read, "On June 22, John and Kate filed for a legal separation." I turned the TV over to WWE and watched Donald Trump slap Vince McMahon, and I actually felt less dirty inside.

I'm really mad.

They say that this is the best move for the kids. Kate says that the show, the paparazzi, the fame, living out their lives on screen for millions to see had nothing to do with this. It's all about providing for their kids. It looks like TLC is going to continue to document this train wreck for the world to gawk at.

I'm really mad.

Here's the thing, though. I'm not mad at John and Kate. I'm not mad at TLC. I'm mad at myself. I could justifiably go on and on about my disgust for the choice the couple has made, or my theories of how they've taken a short cut, or how fame has beat out common sense, blah blah blah.

I made a horrible choice last night.
I turned to the show.
Despite my stomach churning, I kept watching.
I let TLC, the media-hype machine suck me in.
I took part in what I think might be the saddest and darkest moment in Reality Television.
And, probably when the ratings come out, I lent my viewing to an episode that will tell TV execs that "divorce sells".

John & Kate, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have watched, and I don't want to watch this unfold.
Gosselin kids, I'm incredibly sorry. You aren't on this earth for my entertainment. I hope there can be a space found where you can simply be children.
TLC, I'm sorry. I'm the reason you're keeping this show on the air.

I'm sorry, and I want to do something about it.

I slept pretty horribly last night because I was so bothered. This morning, I was grabbing some breakfast at Martin's, and I saw the Gosselin family plastered on the screen for CNN's morning news. I decided there that I'm going to fight back in a way. I've been doing this with Britney Spears for a while. Every time I see John & Kate hit the screen, I'm simply going to pray for them. I'm going to pray that God will work a miracle.

I watched my first and last episode of John & Kate Plus 8 last night, and I'm really mad about it.

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Andrew said...

I'm coming in to town and would love to grab lunch. I have your phone number. Please answer. And don't beat yourself up too much.