Monday, June 15, 2009

Where in the World is NMC Student Ministries

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This map gets me pretty pumped up! It highlights those with close ties to NMC Student Ministries who are currently or will be doing summer missions work.

Who and where are they?

A - Our PhillyGO team; currently in Philadelphia. Check out their blog and twitter page.
B - Our IMPACT Dominican Team; leaving Monday, July 22. You'll be able to follow them on their twitter page.
C - Taylor Lincoln; in her 6th of 8 months with Dayspring Ministry's DMT program. Check out her blog.
D - The NLF IMPACT Nicaragua team; Currently in the final days of their trip. Check out their blog.
E. Katie Lengacher; Leaving Friday for one month in the Jungles of Peru.
F. Dustin Eby & Caleb Bislow; the Rwanda Exodus Conference kicks off Wednesday. See the conference info on Caleb's blog.
G. Joslynn Focht; In the midst of a 2 month medical missions trip in Kenya.
H. Kalyn Lantz; currently in Nepal working with Tiny Hands International till the end of the month. Check out her blog.
J. Kory Lantz & Caleb Bislow; returned from a May trip to the Vanuatu Islands. If you haven't seen the 3-part video from their experience, I'd encourage you to go here and watch it right now.

This gets me absolutely floored for multiple reasons.
  1. In our mission to see students moving from religion to relationship to spiritually reproducing, this kind of activity is a key benchmark we look to as evidence of truly "passing the baton" of faith to others.
  2. I'm passionate about students gaining a heart for the nations.
  3. One prayer I often pray is that the sun would never set on the effects of our student ministry. I love how true this is for the Summer!

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