Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday 5: Pray

5 people/groups with ties to NMC Senior High you should be praying for:

  1. Kalyn Lantz - She's currently in Nepal working with Tiny Hands international, a ministry that reaches out to those who orphans, street children, and the victims of the sex-trafficking industry. Kalyn is an NMC graduate, and I believe God wants to use her over the month she's there, as well as prepare her for even more ministry like this.
  2. Taylor Lincoln - Taylor has been in Mexico for the past 4 months with Dayspring Ministries. She had been in a remote area of Mexico (sleeping in a hammock, 110 degree heat) doing ministry. She is currently in Texas recovering from getting really sick. Pray for healthy recovery for Taylor so she can get back on the field!
  3. Dustin Eby and Caleb Bislow - a.k.a the Rwanda Exodus Conference. These two are flying out today for Rwanda. They'll be working with Joseph Karsanyi, a Rwandan pastor who has gathered together 25 teams of church planters and evangelists who will go out to the remote and unreached areas of the country in an effor to start a disciple-making movement. Read more about how to pray here.
  4. Katie Lengacher - Katie, a Senior at NorthWood, will be leaving in a few short days for the jungles of Peru, where she will be working with Adventures in Missions for one month. While there, she will be partnering with some very remote churches to share Christ's love in the villages and jungle area. She will be there a full month.
  5. PhillyGO - This team of 22 students and 6 leaders will be traveling to Philadelphia, PA. They will be coming alongside various churches and minsitries in that city and developing relationships with the hopes of sharing Christ's love. They leave tonight. Follow along and keep updated on how to pray at the PhillyGO twitter page.
I love the fact that Nepal, Rwanda, Peru, and Philadelphia will all be touched for the Kingdom of God through NMC Student Ministries in this next week alone!

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