Saturday, July 25, 2009

5 months and 20 feet apart

I just got back from the grave side memorial service for Aleigha Grace Thompson. Jason, Racheal, Haley, family and friends gathered together to remember a life that was only lived in Rachael's womb. As heart-wrenching and confounding as a loss like this is, I've been amazed at the perspective of Jason and Rachael. They are hurting, yet they are trusting.

It's a little too familiar. It's a different situation, and a different family member, but 5 months ago I remember all too well the shock mixed with reality that comes with tragedy.

5 months apart... The guy that I've shared so many ministry and life memories with are now sharing in the grief of burying a family member.

Today, I'm reminded of a few things:
  1. Sometimes, life just stinks and doesn't make sense.
  2. Trust is often a word until you face crisis. Then it becomes an opportunity for action.
  3. Platitudes just won't cut it. Promises (God's) and people are the best medicine.
  4. There will be a day with no more pain or suffering.
The burial site for Aleigha Grace Thompson is 20 feet from the burial site for Kelvin I Prenkert.

5 months and 20 feet apart.
Not easy.
Not what we wanted.
Not the end.

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Shelley said...

Good post. Curt and I were talking today that we have made way too many trips to that little area of Olive Cementary - 3 trips in 10 months. We are ready for the trips to stop. I'm sure you are too.