Monday, July 27, 2009

WHAT IF? - #1. Schools

WHAT IF you were to truly live out your faith as you walk through the doors of your school?

We have seen God do transformational works at schools as students took a stand by getting on their knees for their schools. There are schools with strong representation at NMC mainly because a student or two decided to begin living out their faith. Bremen, Concord, Wawasee, Fairfield, Goshen... there have been seasons in all of these schools where we have seen multiple students come into a relationship with Christ.

As we gave students the opportunity to dream with this question at camp, we posted pictures of the many High Schools represented at NMC. There was an aream around the picture where students could write down prayers for that school. Many of those prayers were powerful and filled with vision and desperation...

"Wake us up, God."
"Raise up leaders for you in this school, God."
"If I stand alone, let me still stand, God."

In our Monday night session of camp, Kyle Lantz shared the story of what we saw take place at Wawasee High School starting in 2002 when 3 students (Kyle, Jon, and Kelsey... they were really the only three from that school) began meeting weekly together to pray for God to move at their school. They began to see unlikely individuals begin to show interest in what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. In the years that followed, there are numerous stories of students praying with students to receive Christ (in a gym class, after a Wednesday in the Fieldhouse, on a car ride home from NMC). By 2006, there were as many as 70 students who would show up weekly at NMC. I don't use the revival word lightly, but what I saw unfold over those years at Wawasee was definitely that. Families came to life spiritually. Out of that group of students, there are already missionaries, pastors wives, doctors, educators... all radically serving Christ around the world.

It unfolded in an amazing way, but I saw it all start with three kids who decided to pray for a move of God at their school.

What if these schools saw a move of God.
I truly believe the most significant mission field in America today is the High School (public, private or Christian... it really doesn't matter.)

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