Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What If? - #2 Friends and Family

WHAT IF you were to be the man/woman God has called you to be to you friends & family?

I love this picture and what it represents.

From left to right: Me, Jeff, Chad, Brad, and Dru

4 Generations.

Jeff began his relationship with Christ at age 16. He was a part of a smaller youth group nearby, and often found himself frustrated with the spiritual temperature there. He would come over to NMC occasionally for some encouragement from Terry Bley. Upon graduation from high school, Jeff started volunteering as a Junior High Small Group Leader at NMC. Jeff began bringing Chad with him on Sunday Nights.

Chad was a Junior High student in the youth group Jeff had attended. Jeff wanted to make sure Chad had a place where he was being encouraged to grow as well. As a Freshman, Chad's Sunday night attendance turned into Wednesday attendance, and a spark was lit inside Chad. He had some friends at his school that he wanted to see come alive for Christ. Brad was one of those friends.

Brad began coming along with Chad on Wednesdays Nights. There was a particular Wednesday night in late May where we held a mock funeral service. Students were asked to consider that it was their funeral, and the call was to die to self, and live for Christ. Something connected deeply with Brad on that Wednesday Night. Brad went on to graduate from Bethel College with a degree in Youth Ministry. He is currently the lead pastor at New Life Fellowship in Lagrange, IN. Brad brought a group of High School students to Summer Camp with us last year. Dru is one of those students.

Dru comes from a home that doesn't attend church. The whole thing of Christianity was a new idea to her... something she was interested in but still had plenty of questions. During camp last year, she approached Brad on the last night and wanted to talk about what it meant to truly seek after God with all her heart. Brad had the opportunity to pray with Dru to receive Jesus Christ in her life as her savior.

This year at camp, I had Jeff, Chad, Brad, and Dru stand in front of the group as an example of 4 generations of Christians. Jeff took a simple step of inviting Chad to come to church with him. Just take a moment to consider the ripples of that simple step of obedience, and then consider again this WHAT IF?

WHAT IF you were to be the man/woman God has called you to be to you friends & family?

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