Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday 5s

5 moments that made me laugh this week:
  1. Sunday: When Cody Cline suggested we use "space wagons" to collect the change given to Kids in Need (he meant Radio Flyer).
  2. Monday: Lunch with Corey Mann. The guy is just fun to be around.
  3. Wednesday: When the video I was making froze as I put in the last frame (it wasn't a very joyful laugh).
  4. Thursday: Watching Katylynn go down the big slide at Bremen Bounce.
  5. Thursday: 30 Rock and the Office. I hadn't seen either episode last season, and both had me rolling.

5 moments that that pumped me up this week:

  1. Sunday: (Kids In Need Meeting, Senior High Gathering, and worship service) It was one of the mornings where I walked away loving what I was doing and seeing a great year ahead.
  2. Monday: Re-watching the Rwanda Highlight video and realizing we took part in a huge Kingdom work.
  3. Wednesday: When Caleb Bislow gave a standing ovation (through Skype) to the Junior High students who listened to God's voice concerning Rwanda.
  4. Wednesday: Watching the video explaining Kids In Need (the one that froze, but I was able to finish) and knowing that we can and will do something to make a difference.
  5. Friday: 40 minutes ago. Walking out of the NorhtWood Football Chapel. These guys are a team, and their pride is not in themselves, but they are proud of their teammates.

5 people who I was very encouraged by this week:

  1. Janelle
  2. Dan
  3. Dave
  4. Cindi
  5. Dustin

5 Things I'm looking forward to next week:
  1. Sunday: Team-teaching with Pastor Dave. Haven't done it before, and I'm excited about what we're covering.
  2. Sunday: Geoff is taking the reigns with Senior High Gathering that morning, and it's gonna be some great stuff!
  3. Wednesday: Fall Kickoff. It's gonna kick!
  4. Saturday (not tommorow, next): Disc Golf marathon. 5 courses with 5 friends. Gonna be a great day!
  5. All Week: I'm in between books, and I started a new journal. Two things where I love the early discovery phase.

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