Thursday, January 07, 2010

Adoption Update and Round 2 for Funding

We continue to move forward in our international adoption. We're almost done with our Home Study phase and are stepping into our dossier phase. We are in a major faith moment as the country we are believing God has led us to may not be available to us. We will know for sure by May. If it does not work, we have a secondary country prepared. In the end, we are trusting that God will lead and guide as we go.

God continues to provide financially every step of the way. Our biggest costs are yet to come, so we continue to find way to generate some funding. Hence, shirt #2:Also, compliments of my mother's instruction, Janelle has taken up sewing. She has designed and is creating cloth wallets. They're pretty stinkin' cool:You can view and purchase our wallets at Jeanette's Fabric Boutique located in Wakarusa, IN.

You can order online at

or print off the order form and hand it to us.
Sale ends January 20!


Anonymous said...

who would I send the order form to ..... I love the wallets!!

derryprenkert said...

You can send it to:
Janelle Prenkert
802 Locke Ct
Nappanee, IN 46550