Friday, January 08, 2010

NFL Pick 'em: Week 1 of the playoffs

NY Jets at Cincinnati - I think Cincy is the Super Bowl Champ Dark Horse. Cincy wins by at least 10.
Philadelphia at Dallas - Dallas has won 2 this year, but has stunk in the playoffs recently. I think they'll stink again. Philly wins by 1 (Romo will mess up an extra point hold).
Baltimore at New England - This is a draw to me. NE banged up. Baltimore D ready to pounce. NE is NE. Patriots by a TD.
Green Bay at Arizona - Green Bay is tehe NFC Super Bowl Champ Dark Horse in my book. I really want to see them face off against Minnesota one more time. Arizona has a running game this year, which I actually think will work against them. Pack by a Field Goal.

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Bennett Family said...

sorry 0-4...