Sunday, February 28, 2010

SYMC Tidbits: Day 2

  • I am a part of a surprising legacy.
  • There are several people who to receive a letter of deep gratitude from me.
  • When communicating to teens, it's important to remember that confession may be misinterpreted as permission.
  • P.F. Changs is some top notch Chinese.
  • I gained some great insights as well as was refreshed on how to best communicate to teens.
  • DC Curry keeps dropping my name letting everyone know we've got a killer internship program. Really humbling. God has definitely blessed, but I'm also realizing we have much to need.
  • That word, networking, keeps messing with me.
  • Tim Timmons is a fantastic worship leader/teacher.
  • SYM Podcast was fun. Chris's story was highlighted, which was really cool.
  • I am very challenged, encouraged, refreshed, but honestly, kind of tired.


Tiff said...

Dude! It's awesome to see what you guys are learning! Keep soaking it in...I want to hear concrete stuff when I get back ;) Prayin 4 yout guys! I'm thinking I want to possibly go next sounds like a great conference...especially w/ the authors of "Speaking to Teenagers" a great book!

Denny said...

I would love to hear some more about the confession confused with permission stuff. Sounds like a great conference, we all need those regularly.