Monday, March 01, 2010

SYMC Tidbits: Day 3

  • A good breakfast really boost the energy.
  • A word from God for me in the Morning Session: "Humble yourself, and I will lift you up."
  • Duffy Robbins Communication Workshop was such a good refresher. Very practical in both preparation and delivery.
  • Sat in on a Q&A with the Penners, Muellers, and Rich Van Pelt on parenting. Greatly appreciated their vulnerability, insight and sage advice.
  • Got to have a short, but very valuable conversation with Rich Van Pelt on adoption.
  • Evening session with the Skit Guys... only confirmed my theory mentioned in Day 1 tidbits.
  • Chris picked up some great resources and websites at the tech Q&A.
  • I saw DC Talk in concert several times during the 90s. Watching Toby Mac in concert was a a trip. He still has it... and by "it" I mean a heart for ministry and an awesome stage presence.
  • All four of us Watched a 30 minute documentary on sex-trafficking called "BahT". Although we've all been researching and learning about this human rights crisis, it challenged us big time. The discussion following was both visionary and introspective.
  • I fell asleep at about 1:30 a.m. One of the biggest highlights has been meal time and night time conversations with the guys.
  • My heart is with those flying solo in youth ministry. I'm ridiculously blessed to do this with a team, and a freakishly awesome team at that.

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Phil Strahm said...

Thanks for the short blurbs and updates. They make me reflect on past youth conferences I've been to.

As one of those "flying solo" youth pastors I really try to connect with other local youth pastors and old YM buddies from IWU. But, that is not always an easy thing to accomplish.