Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday 5: Female Faith Stories

  1. The Sophomore Girls Small Groups: Last Wednesday I walked past Tonya's Sophomore Girls Small Group room. She was laying out bright yellow t-shirts with no print on them. I asked her what they were for and she let me know that Stacy and her group had all been doing research on trafficking in the United States. That night they were going to each design their own shirts by writing facts and statistics they had learned. They were then all going to wear their shirts to school on the same day in an effort to spread awareness. BOO YA!
  2. Kristen heads to Kenya with me as a part of our Kids In Need focused IMPACT team. Kristen is a fantastic artist who decided to do something unique for her Senior art project that showed me how she has grasped the heart of Kids In Need. Check out this article on how a student who may be labeled "the least of these" made a profound impact on Kristen here. BOO YA!
  3. Brittany is a part of the same IMPACT team heading to broke her fibula 4 weeks ago when she slipped on the ice. In the emergency room, the doctor explained the surgery that was going to happen and how she was going to be completely off that foot for 8 weeks. Brittany is in a spring Soccer league and was looking to run track. Her parents told me she held up fine until the Doc left the room and then she lost it. Worried that she was upset about missing on the sports, they were surprised to hear Brittany ask through the tears, "Does this mean I won't be able to go to Kenya?" Well, not only is Brittany going to navigate Kenya between a wheelchair and crutches, she has figured a way to perform her part in the evangelistic drama we do while hopping on one leg. BOO YA!
  4. Katherine: Moved by the challenge of Karl Black to live with a heart of generosity toward the marginalized, Katherine and a friend sought to reach out to the lonely at her school. Through trial and error, they came up with an idea to bless those who are investing in them at the school. It's an awesome story worth reading from her perspective here. BOOOO YAAA!
  5. Mackensey is a grade schooler whose big brother is heading to Mexico this Summer on an IMPACT trip. Along with her friend Hannah, they are wanting to organize a garage sale and give all the money they make to help pay the expenses for his brother's team. That's right, I said grade school. BOOOOOOOOO YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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