Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Help Kory and Alison

I love Kory and Alison Lantz. What they are doing in Keller Park with The Transformation ministry is awesome. They have been a key partnership in our Kids In Need initiative. In a recent post, they outlined 10 things that could help their ministry right now...

1. Ranch Dressing.
2. A big van (preferably denoted to Keller Park Church)
3. Cross Word Puzzles.
4. Frozen Meals. Unfrozen drinks.
5. Prayer.
6. A.D.D. Medicine.
7. TV (that works).
8. Plastic cups.
9. Pencils.
10. Jesus.

I pass this on to you blog reader to prayerfully consider what that might mean to you. If interested in helping them out, check out their blog to get in contact with them.


Shelley said...

Just curious, but isn't it illegal to give ADD medicine to someone without a prescription? Or do you mean they need someone willing to pay for a kid's ADD medicine?

derryprenkert said...

Pretty sure that ones a joke Shelley. Probably should've denoted that.