Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Randomness

  • Janelle and I leave with 10 students for Kenya 3 weeks from today. I'll be going on to Rwanda after our time in Kenya. I will be gone a total of 19 days.
  • I have to get me taxes done before I leave. I don't like doing my taxes. I do like getting money back when I'm done. If I have to pay more money, I want to throw things.
  • It's absolutely amazing what sunshine and warmer weather can do for our souls.
  • It's really enjoyable to give stuff away to people. It's really hard for me to get to the point where I'm willing to give though. I want to recapture a heart that is quick to be generous.
  • Did Glenn Beck just call me a communist? -sigh-
  • Normally, I have some reason to buy into the belief the Cubs have done something to make this "the year." I don't feel that way this year. Probably means they're going to have a great year.
  • I have much respect for Trace Rorie as a person and worship leader after working with him for 4 days.
  • My Camry has 208,000 miles on it and the engine sounds great. I can't open the driver's side door from my side. It really needs to be cleaned. That's all. Just a few facts.
  • Preaching next Sunday, and I have about 10 ideas on where to head. Praying God will direct me to the 1.
  • I love my wife and daughter. I'm continually blessed by both.
  • I think Hurley or Jack will be the chosen one. I also think Sawyer is going to con Locke (or Black Smoke Monster) before the season is over. I love LOST.
  • This week's episode of Chuck was hilarious and touching. I really like that show.
  • And, that's a wrap.


Jeffrey Simpson said...

Being a regular listener to Glenn Beck, it doesn't sound too far fetched. My question is, why does it have to be called social justice? I think that he is not saying don't look out for the orphan, the widow, the downtrodden, just be very careful about the term because of its implications. God cares about justice, and we should care about the things that God cares about. Period.

derryprenkert said...

I can buy that explanation Jeff, especially the last sentence (well second to last sentence I guess, if you count "Period." as a sentence).

Still seems like an overall adventure in missing the point on Beck's end to me, but I can live with it.

Ashley said...

Love on those kids like crazy at the baby center. They are incredible!! i miss them so much. give andrew a big hug for me :) he was my boy. such a sweetie. Praying for you guys..that God would move and that the team would just have an amazing time together in Kenya!